Volume 1 Issue 3


Misconception #1:
“It's difficult and never easy to switch to a new magazine vendor!”

In 5 years of calling prospects and customers, I have come across numerous reasons why Librarians, Purchasing Agents, or Business Managers hesitate to switch their magazine subscription vendors. The most frequent reason is the misconception that the process of renewing through a different vendor is difficult and time consuming. 

Dare I say that this perception is absolutely NOT TRUE!!!!

Below is a 3-step method of ordering subscriptions through a new magazine vendor and my 'TIPS' to ensure your vendor is legitimate and will work for YOU not YOU work for them!!!!!

Steps to begin a successful transition campaign to a new supplier:

1. Evaluate your subscription list
Lewis advises:
Conduct a list accuracy survey. Request a list of common titles.

2. Request a Free price quote
Lewis advises:
Ask for education discounts! Get a complete accurate quote. Don't pay hidden fees or taxes.

3. Review expiration dates
Lewis advises:
Get your expiration dates validated. Avoid duplicate issues or lapses. Ensure delivery status tracking.

The transition process of using a new magazine service, if done correctly, is a hassle free & time saving process! Remember, a vendor's responsibility is to not only save you valuable dollars but to save you time dealing with magazine renewals!!!
"Mags4you Purchase"

Gold Coast Service LLC recently purchased assets from Mags4you Inc. The purchase announced after the New Year was limited to some client acquisition, research & development data, domain names, and human resources. 

The acquisition of Mags4you Inc, a subscription service aimed at providing school and correctional institutions with magazines for their libraries, bolsters Gold Coast Service's position as a primary national vendor for magazines and newspapers.

Adding over 500 correctional facilities and schools to our family is extremely exciting. Expanding in an industry where we can make an impact on the bottom line as well as service is amazing. We have built a strong fundamental base of principles and new programs to enhance how magazines are ordered and serviced. To apply this for educational purposes puts new meaning behind GCS.

Savings = SMILES

In a time of decreasing allocation and rising costs, GCS has promised to offer education discounts to Institutions to enhance their students' learning experience with magazines that match their education curriculum.

This month's "savings = smiles" features a new GCS client, Wyoming Indian High School. Their librarian, Ms. Darlene Powell, saved over $300 on her subscription renewal, allowing her to purchase more educational materials for the library. 

"We are committed to providing clients with a fair and inexpensive price" exclaims VP of Operations Nick Shephard.

It all starts with Personal Service. As a subscriber, you deserve a personal account representative who will work with each purchasing department to develop and manage the entire subscription process. You deserve to receive the highest level of courteous and efficient service.

Budget constraints dictate that you receive unbeatable prices. Benefit from bulk rate negotiations which result in annual savings of up to 50% off regular prices. Reduce the amount of paperwork and time invested in paying separately for periodicals.

Make sure your transactions are 100% safe online by using secure servers with SSL encrypted ordering pages.

The goal of any service oriented business is client satisfaction. For a subscription service this translates into one simple mantra – make it easy for subscriptions to be placed and modified year after year with the least amount of headaches. This is why renewals, orders, address changes and cancellations are always available online, by email, fax or phone. With RenewRemind™, you can sip a hot chocolate while we do the hard work of renewing all your subscriptions.

Stop waiting
Call us today to get the process started of taking control of your subscriptions. Send us a bid request and we'll produce a quote within 1-2 business days. Not only will we get you the best prices, we'll even make suggestions of alternative titles that could reduce your expenses even beyond our normal savings.

For a quote on your magazine and newspaper subscriptions:
Please contact our sales department @ 800-955-6247, fax us a list of your requested titles to 775-855-6247, or email us at  Let us provide the free quote and you the smile!!!!! Our corporate structure allows us to offer our clients savings far greater than our competitors. Our prices speak for themselves.