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Call us when its time to renew your library subscriptions.

Renewing Magazine and Newspaper Subscriptions

Renewals will generally take effect after 6-8 weeks from when you place the renewal order. (Weekly subscriptions will generally take effect sooner)

Where did you order your current subscription?
You can renew with even if you subscribed elsewhere originally. We are able to extend your existing subscription automatically. No duplicates. And great savings.

Our clients qualify for savings of up to 85% on renewals.
In addition to saving on "new subscriptions", you will generally get the same price savings on "renewal subscriptions".

We do NOT "Automatically Renew" your subscriptions.
We won't automatically renew subscriptions without your approval. If you don't want to renew your subscription either ignore our renewal reminder when it arrives or tell us you don't want to renew. (Added Value: With other services, your subscription doesn't end until you cancel).

Try our FREE renewal reminders.
We notify you automatically when its time to renew your subscriptions. Keep continued & uninterrupted service and avoid any possible renewal delays by renewing NOW at lower rates even up to 9 months before expiration.

Renew all your subscriptions from one invoice or purchase order
We keep a database of every single subscription order. You can just login or send us a request for a subscription report, review your subscriptions and tell us what to renew, instantly and easily.

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