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Library Services of Gold Coast for Your Magazine & Newspaper Subscriptions

8 Sensible Reasons To Switch


  1. Direct Relationships For Lower Prices and Faster Service

We have many direct relationships with our publishers!  Meaning, when we order/process, not only are we avoiding another middle man, by not clearing our orders through clearing houses, we can directly process your order allowing us to expedite the delivery process and ensure your order was actually placed by our staff, avoiding clerical errors and not to mention, allowing us to offer the same low pricing!


  1. Support Staff And Personal Account Manager

Our support staff ranges way beyond your direct contact called your ‘account manager.’  We have a whole team of employees departmentalized in the necessary fields for servicing your service inquiries, processing orders, taking orders, product knowledge, & support help 5 days a week from 7am – 6pm (PST).  In addition, we have an in house IT specialist for consistent efficiency & online web support, enabling us to stay ahead of the curve. 


  1. Online Rapid Quote System

We have made the quoting method simplistic and completely revolutionized the online quote!  With our Online Quote System you now have the ability to edit your quote to find the titles you desire without the hassle of receiving a faxed quote or ‘waiting’ for your account manager to respond.  More importantly, contemplate a quote that has all the information relevant to your account, including ship to information, invoice #’s, renewal quotes with your titles account #’s, our complete company information & EIN #.  Our quotes are 100% complete and easy to read!


  1. Online Instant Access Order Management

You can login to review past orders, make address changes and most importantly renew subscriptions. With an online account administration area you can print your own receipts, reports and purchase orders at your leisure.


  1. Live Support by Phone, Fax, Web or Email

In addition to our around the clock support staff you have the capabilities to email us through our website for online customer service support, ordering, & for help– available on WEEKENDS!!!  Furthermore, you have an online database of our titles and descriptions to aid in your search for titles. 


  1. Toll-free Phone Support

Our motto is "If it’s free, it’s for me". We personally believe you shouldn’t waste a penny when it comes to contacting us for any reason!  Beyond our toll free number & email system, we have a toll free FAX line which is completely free for you and your office! 


  1. 20 Years Industry leading Experience

We ensure and support your business with 2 decades of subscription service under our belt and continuously raise the bar of performance, customer service, and overall support. 


  1. Programming Expertise

Our in house programming enables our staff to communicate directly with you regarding EVERY variable of your account.  Our programmed scripts links all quotes, titles orders, service inquiries, emails, PO orders, processing, publishers, EVERYTHING with reference to your account, which eliminates errors that plague smaller businesses! 


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