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How to Transition to Gold Coast Service

Step1 - Initial Account Setup (10 minutes)

We will assign you a personal account manager who will review these items with a counterpart at your company who is responsible for managing your subscriptions.
  1. Account login URL, username and password.
  2. Contact phone, fax and email information for your account manager
  3. Invoicing and payment options
  4. How to source a magazine/newspaper not located in our database
  5. Walk you through our ordering process

Step2 - Place Orders (new, renewal or even gift)

  1. Place an order securely online or directly with your Account Manager
  2. Upon order completion, we'll email/fax an order confirmation
    You can renew subscriptions regardless of where they were original ordered - hence the term "transition". Just provide us with the subscriber information from the magazine label and we'll take care of the rest.

    Can't find a title you need to order? Just contact your account manager with any information that you can provide (magazine name, phone number, web site ...) and the subscriber's name. We'll source the magazine or newspaper, add it to our catalog and help you place the order.

Step3 - Renewing individual subscriptions or batches of subscriptions (2 options)

  1. Collect renewal notices that come through the mail and send them to us periodically (e.g. once a month). We can also give you preaddressed envelopes to send in to us.
  2. Send us a list of subscriptions (either hard copy or electronic format like excel, dbf, tab, csv or txt) you want us to renew including the magazine title, the subscriber name and full address.

    We'll review the renewal notices or the list you provide and send you a one step report highlighting what needs to be renewed. Just send us back the approved orders and we'll handle the rest of the renewal process.

Step4 - Questions, problems, cancellations and missed issues

For problems with any magazines or to cancel orders, contact your account manager so we can help you immediately.

To set up an account or request more information contact our Institutional Sales Dept at

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